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Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000

Free FrontPage Server Extensions

FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions installed FREE of charge!

FrontPage is the leading Web site creation and management tool.  Creating web sites has never been easier.

With the powerful built in features, you have all you need in one software package.  Creating forms has never been easier.  Intuitive drag and drop interface allows you to create the forms to get you the information you need.  Point and click interface will have you up and running in no time.

TLCHost.Net installs FrontPage 2000 extensions free of charge.  If you placed your order without selecting "FrontPage Extensions" just let us know and we can apply them to your account.

Your web server is waiting.  Click here for our hosting service and get ready to light up your site!

FrontPage Helps you create powerful pages that demands attention!

FrontPage Features

  • Several wizards for fast and easy page creation

  • Generates HTML for you, no HTML experience required

  • Easily create forms, search boxes, message boards, and more!

  • Includes an image editor that helps you create vibrant graphics

  • Many themes to choose from to give your entire site that professional feel


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